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AJ TO 'PROTECT DREAMS' in his bid to become the IBF Heavyweight Champ

Joshua outlines his own determination...

"Over the years I've been in camp, we stay disciplined to protect our dreams. If he wants to box, we can box. If he wants to go to deep waters, you know I come to fight. We don't play games. We're here to go to war. We've got too generals in there and the best army wins.

"I'll probably go and try and take his head off. I'm a fighter. I'll walk through two to give him five. If I have to show technical ability, I'll do that. I want this so I'm ready to swim through deep waters to get it."




Joshua has a stark message...

"It is a risk. Every fight can be your last fight. You know the stories of boxing and how dangerous it is. Let's scrap all this 15, 16 fight nonsense and who's champion - this is just me and Charles going toe to toe.

"The undercard is tremendous. There are fights that could headline themselves. We've got Conor Benn making his debut and Ohara Davies, Brian Rose. It's unbelievable so they've got to tune up from the get-go and watch these boys."



The champion doesn't have a lot to say... to start with.

"At this point, I become short for words. I don't do too much talking because I'm a boxer. I come to fight. We're geared up and I'm ready. Shout out to my team; everyone who was with me along the journey.

"The O2 is my arena. I'm comfortable everywhere I go. When I first fought at Madison Square Garden I went in there and performed. It's the same thing. I love what I do and I'm a performer. When eyes are on me, I'm going to perform."


The champion highlights his technical prowess above power...

"Being physically strong and powerful isn't the issue. When I started boxing, the guys were 250lbs and big punchers. I was 208lbs and I knew how to be evasive. Those guys had the power to knock me out so I had to move my head. 

"I'm technical in there. True boxing analysts and people that know the sport see the small things that I do."


Who do you think will be holding the belt come saturday? vote now on our poll



Joshua looks ahead...

"It's a win-win situation. If I beat Charles Martin then I go back to the gym to try and improve. If I lose - although it's not something I like to think about - then I'll go back to the gym and try and put it right.

"I know it's boring and I sound robotic but we get back to the gym and work."


Joshua addresses the Fury social media war...

"I was on a three-hour drive. I saw Tyson Fury has mentioned my name so it's only right I mentioned something back. He called me a bodybuilder and I said he's a fat boy. It's just what I see in him. He said what he saw in me.

"I've no interest in Fury. He can be fat or musclebound as long as he's enjoying what he's doing. I just had to shut him down and put him in his place. I told him to pipe down and focus on himself.


"I could call him a million other things that he doesn't like and he ain't gonna do nothing about it either..."



The champion is calm and seems happy...

"This isn't what it's all about. This is just the build-up. When we get in the ring to do what we do, that's where you can take out the anger or whatever you've got stored up inside.


"I'm looking forward to it. I can overcome a lot of things. I'm game for anything. The only thing I'm not game for is jumping out of aeroplanes! Them screaming for their man is totally understandable."




The champion isn't interested in the Joshua-Fury situation...

"I don't know how his brain operates. Maybe he can handle juggling the two. Maybe he's multitasking. That's all in his mind - only he knows. I'm just focusing on the task. We are keying in. We're ready."








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