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Three men in Cameroon have been sentenced to five years in prison for homosexual acts, which are illegal in the central African nation.
1220 days ago
Popular Nigerian comedian Baba Suwe has been detained at Lagos airport on suspicion of drug trafficking.
1261 days ago
The Nigerian police have arrested two people in connection with the gang-rape of a woman posted on the internet.
1281 days ago
Nigeria's authorities have been forced to reassure the public that a mobile phone number cannot kill, after rumours were spread by text messages.
1290 days ago
An 11-year-old Ghanaian schoolboy has so far raised more than $500 (£300) for victims of the famine in Somalia.
1326 days ago
Singer Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead at her north London home.
1344 days ago
BY October 31 this year, Nigeria’s population is expected to hit 166 million mark just as the world population is projected to rise to seven billion from six billion.
1355 days ago
Lagosians recount tales of suffering, narrow escape from death following Sunday rain
1355 days ago
Nigeria's final court of appeal has ruled that actress Rabi Ismail should be hanged for killing a male friend to acquire his property.
1358 days ago
Nigeria 'baby farm' girls rescued by Abia state police Nigerian police have raided a hospital in the south-eastern city of Aba, rescuing 32 pregnant girls allegedly held by a human-trafficking ring.
1394 days ago
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